Inside Energy, in collaboration with Rocky Mountain PBS and Fast Forward Films, presents Beyond Standing Rock, a one-hour documentary exploring the conflict of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the struggle for Native American rights against the backdrop of the new Trump administration.

From covering the protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline for months on air and online, we know that this story is about much more than a dispute over a single pipeline. It is a lens through which we can examine the wider tug-of-war between tribes and the U.S. government.

Beyond Standing Rock takes viewers from the front lines of violent protests against the infrastructure and transportation of crude oil, to the well-funded headquarters of a tribe developing their own rich energy deposits, to the remote reaches of contested national monument lands—all with breathtaking cinematography and insightful interviews.


Director Brian Malone

Genre Documentary

Origin Colorado

Year 2017

Showing April 22

Location Longmont Theatre

Time 7:00 PM

Running Time 70 Minutes